Wednesday 11.10.23

Today is a railway free day and we stay in Alghero tonight as well.  So we do not start that early and then take the long wander along the seafront towards the fort.  Unlike the north of the island we are now well down the west coast and this fort is of Aragonese origin – there is a huge influence from Spain with a minority dialect based around Catalan is spoken apparently.

Once we reach the fortress we see a Dotto train and after our walk we are in need of a sit down, so ticket bought and once the train is full (or nearly so) the driver takes us past the adjacent walls and then on wander around the old town.  Then out to the far side of the town and some of the more modern development before returning to our starting point.  All so much easier than walking and not knowing where we are going.

Each of us had spotted potential lunch spots as we waved our way around the town and so I take the lead heading to the one I had spotted.  Mine was a relatively modern looking restaurant just outside the older area – but by the time we arrived it was deemed too early so we wandered back into the town to look at the architecture and amazingly ended up outside the restaurant which Jackie had spotted – which was in small shady in one of the few “open” areas in the town – which had been created during bombing in WWII.  Time for lunch we agree.

Pink bicycle Alghero

Adorning the waterfront (with a veritable forest of masts behind in the marina) is this piece of imagery which reflects the involvement of the town in the 100th Giro d’Italia held in 2017 and which started in Alghero on 5 May.

The weather remains much warmer than we had anticipated for this time of year so the walk back to the hotel after lunch not only requires a couple of stops but also a visit to an ice cream shop which I had espied on the outward journey as a potential stopping point on the return.

Also be meandering slightly off route we find a huge supermarket and this provides resources for a modest dinner in our room.