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We continue on the same heading of 73 degrees so roughly north westerly as we have been on this heading since leaving Kushiro more or less continuously as we head in the general direction of Alaska.  After all the state is too big to miss!

At lunchtime we have a special meal in Pacific Rim restaurant and there are 5 accompanying matching wines.  All excellent and the inevitable follow up of a post prandial snooze which then means it is now time for dinner and a lighter option is consumed.  The bad news about cruises is the excellent food and wine.

Having received some emails which ought to be answered I decide to make use of a proper screen and keyboard in the business centre on deck 5.  I get connected and then seek to access office 365.  Multi-factor authorisation is in place on the account so Microsoft wants to send me a text message.  No hope.  I knew there was a good reason not to have MFA and here it is!  And it has also logged me out of the resources at home so I am cut off from Office 365.  We really are out of touch with the normal world.

Time is wasted watching television, in particular the news channels which are endlessly covering “Title 42” an expiring piece of US legislation which may or may not alter how refugees may enter the USA from Mexico.  No one actually seems to know what difference it will make!

We are going to lose two hours tonight making this a 22 hour day which is only one of the many confusing aspects in our Pacific transit.

Having had our sliding balcony door taped up with vast quantities of masking tape, the cold wind continues to breeze into our suite and so we turn up the heating system.  The hot air inlet is in the ceiling of the lounge area whilst the cold air is entering at floor level.  Thermodynamic theory says hot air rises so feet are permanently cold.