We awake this morning and notice in the far distance a small boat which is emerging from a close encounter with the Hubbard Glacier which we can see in the even further distance.  Over an hour later the small boat turns out to be a decent size cruising ship – not as large as our Seven Seas – but still pretty large.  Meanwhile the Hubbard Glacier is even larger.

Our ship enters initially Yakutat Bay and then getting closer to the glacier is Disenchantment Bay into which the Glacier discharges – with other glaciers also reaching the sea at this point.   We have to assume that much of the grey land left and right was once covered by these glaciers as they are now retreating.

It is impossible in either my words or the photograph to convey the sheer size of the glacier as there is no real scale – however another photo may give some indication

The ship at the bottom left is much larger than it appears – we are still a long way out from the small icebergs which you can see in the first photograph to give some idea of comparative scale.