We wake to find ourselves moored close to Kodiak as expected.  What is  not expected is blue sky and sun shining so after a number of drab days it feels more like holiday and holiday weather.

Kodiak is an island famous for particularly bears which are native to the island.  We are taken, this time in a “First Student” bus, around the town being shown the main highlights (including Safeway) as well as a couple of very attractive views.   No bears are spotted.  Kodiak is a large island compared with many others off of Alaska mainland and it is an attractive spot – at least with the sun shining as today.

Just opposite the town is Near Island – a simple name for the next nearest piece of land!  We can watch the planes landing and taking off from Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport which is away to the right as we look out at the sea.

On return to the ship it is sufficiently warm for us to sit by the pool and enjoy the warm sun, indeed I end with a touch of sunburn on my nose, although I am not tempted to remove many layers – but it is nice to be out of doors and feeling some warmth.