We are somewhere in the Pacific Ocean heading roughly North East.  Watches and phone needs manually updating as ship time has changed by one hour.  The cabin clock was changed last night by the service team who also left a note about the change.

The first inevitability is that the WiFi signal to the satellite is intermittent, overnight the system managed to deliver emails but answering them is an apparent impossibility!  Jackie departs to play bingo which is the second inevitability and I get a chance to listen to some of the recordings I have stacked up, but getting last night’s episode of the Archers to download is a lost battle.

In the afternoon we choose to watch “Eat, Pray, Love” but just when it starts getting interesting the sound track is completely distorted and it is unwatchable.  Men then arrive to try and reseal the sliding door to stop the drafts and whistling noise which is more obvious now we are in open sea.  So we abandon ship, sorry cabin, and head up to a bar for a drink!   On return the howling wind is actually worse!

We turn the heating up to counter the inflow of cold air but the bathroom remains cold.  Winding the film forward means we lose some of the plot exposition but reach a scene where the normal sound returns for most of the rest of film.   Jackie tells me that the film is a poor interpretation of the original book with some simplification of the events and characters which are far more complex in the book.

Never mind it helps pass the day!