Wednesday 24 May 2017

Much brighter and a lot warmer today – so we can have the top down on the TT as we head over to Dartmouth which is on the eastern side of this particular piece of sticking out part of South Devon.  We know we have visited Dartmouth several times before, once staying in an apartment which was  over an early Easter weekend in March (when I did not have to work, in April it was always year end work) and we used the Dartmouth Steam Railway for a return trip to Paignton.   We also had a second visit staying in a nearby hotel when we went to John Burton-Race’s Angel restaurant, now closed.  Both trips were with Stephanie.

When we arrive in Dartmouth the main car park is full but we manage to find a parking space on the road – but we are only allowed two hours; we rather hope that the wardens will not be around today.  We walk to Mitch Tonks’s restaurant –  “The Seahorse” – as our lunchtime destination.

We have asparagus (sparrow grass) to start.  Fresh as it is the asparagus time of year with a very nice sauce as shown on the left.

To the right is Jackie’s main course of hake.

I have a whole John Dory which was a nice piece of fish.  As usual Jackie asked that I do something about the eye which is watching her eat as it always unnerves her and the lemon was placed over it!  The entire fish comes very cleanly off the bone.


Courgette fritti (pictured) and some new potatoes accompany the fish.  Knowing we will eat some cheese later we decide not to have a dessert.  An excellent meal, well presented in great surroundings.


On the way back to the car I go to the newsagents and try to tell Jackie where I am going but she does not hear me.  She then “loses” me as I am in the newsagent (I can see her but cannot shout).  As the counter staff are making slow progress serving anyone (I recall a line of pensioners who do not seem to realise that they need money to pay for their purchases!).  I dump the paper back on the rack and I am just about back to her as my phone rings asking where I am!

We steadily head back to Challaborough – Jackie is unhappy at the uncomfortable bed in the caravan and we reach a conclusion that we should head home early tomorrow after lunch.