Tuesday 30 August 2016

We are today deep in another fjord at Gerainger where slightly unexpectedly we are tied up at a major new facility so that it is now possible to walk ashore and not be transported by boat.  We were originally told that this was a tender transfer so it is pleasing to be able to walk off.

The weather is distinctly less pleasant today and we are glad we are not off to visit the glacier which is the main reason for stopping here.  Walking into Gerainger is the limit of exposure we fancy and almost immediately into a coffee shop – mainly for a decent wifi connection.

On our way back to the ship I see some slightly less expensive reindeer pelts and one is bought.  Sadly we find it moults extensively once on the bedroom floor at home and it is soon despatched to the shed.

Given the weather the photos are less than illuminating.

Whilst we are passing the afternoon taking life easy on board we watch other vessels coming and going including a Hurtigruten operation.  These provide a mixed service – moving mails and goods as well as people.  It is a little disconcerting to see people moving to and from tenders as the vessel heads towards its mooring point.  They are seeking to maximise passenger time ashore and the tenders are therefore moving before the ship comes to a complete halt.

Steve and Veronica only make it back to the ship shortly before sailing time – and look somewhat tired.  We have had a gentle day in comparison!

Dining is well organised.  We wander down to the main restaurant and we get given a flashing box which illuminates when a table becomes available.  We are on a drinks package which also works well.  If we are sharing a bottle of red it is left on the table.  The white sits in an ice bucket nearby and we get regular top ups with no real queries over entitlement once they have seen the relevant card.  All works very smoothly.