Holiday Summary

Heathrow - Dubai3420
Dubai- Singapore3637
Singapore - Melbourne3753
Melbourne - Brisbane859
Brisbane - Cairns865
Cairns - Ayres Rock1112
Ayers Rock - Sydney1354
Sydney - Christchurch1323
Christchurch - Queenstown301
Queenstown - Milford Sound and return356
Queenstown - Auckland638
Auckland - Rotarua and return284
Auckland - Sydney1343
Sydney - Bangkok4674
Bangkok - Dubai3050
Dubai - Heathrow3420

Whilst the table covers the major road journeys in New Zealand it does not include the side journeys by coach to and from hotels or to the Puffing Billy, boat trip to the koalas or the distances covered to the Great Barrier Reef and so on – so we probably exceeded 31000 miles.

Flight times were generally well observed with no real delays until we returned to the UK and got stuck on the dear old being dug up M3!  Scenic’s programme was maintained and we have seen down under.  Did we miss much?  Inevitably we could only see a tiny proportion of the wealth that the two countries offers – but we did achieve an awful lot.  Australia was less objectionable than we thought it might be and New Zealand is not as struck by a time warp as is often alleged.

A wonderful holiday.