Thursday 31 March and Friday 1 April 2016

Our holiday is heading towards an end, but we have a long way to go yet in terms of mileage!

On the Thursday we took one of the gentler options this morning – a harbour tour which took us out past a lighthouse, Brown’s island; then along past the Rangitoto Island Scenic Reserve and then past Devonport which is on the opposite side of the harbour.  We then pass briefly under the Auckland Harbour bridge before returning to port.

Some of the photos seem to be wrongly dated 30 March 216 – which I do not understand as it was definitely the Thursday.  Tracking back dates to prove this has not been easy.  As ever the right sequence is justified by Jackie’s posts on Facebook which are of course incontrovertible.

Having returned to land we wander up into the shopping area.  It is really hot this afternoon.  Jackie had seen some shoes as we passed through Sydney airport and was rather hoping to track down the same brand in New Zealand – but we did not manage it.

Farewell dinner this evening and the entire party comes together for a final time.  Onward journies are complex.  Some remain in NZ to visit family.  Others will be with us to Sydney – but then will go to see family in Australia.  Others are stopping off in Dubai on the return journey, we, I think uniquely, are stopping in Bangkok.

A fine old evening – although some moving around to avoid sitting to close to Stevie as she is not liked by various people.  Perhaps not as good as the group in India but generally we have had a good time together.

The following morning (Friday)  we are all drifting through breakfast and then awaiting our separate departure times.  We are one of the last groups to depart so have some time in the lounge area of the hotel awaiting our taxi.

First flight is the hop over to Sydney once again.  And a meander between terminals for our flight to Bangkok.  Back in business class, so at least it is comfortable.

On a holiday of this length and with limited wifi accessing the pc in the UK and getting downloads of the various music programmes would seem a magical thing to do maybe 10 years ago; now it is almost second nature!