Wednesday 16 December 2015

We spend most of the day by the pool again.  And it looks like we were right not to risk the toilets as we are advised the male member of the couple to whom we were chatting last night did – and today is not leaving the room as he is unwell.

This evening it is time for another outing.  We go to Phuket for a dinner and theatre entertainment.  The dinner is a huge buffet affair and we eat well.

There is an initial show outside which enables some photographs to be taken showing some of the colour and the elephants!  Jackie also manages some shopping as we buy little presents for the grandchildren and try to find a bag.

The main theatre show is absolutely enormous.  Photographs not allowed but the elephants re-appear and parade through the auditorium.  There is running water in front of us as well as sailing boats as we are told, mainly in pictorial form the history of the country.  As we know from our travels elsewhere in south-east Asia once upon a time the control was exerted from the huge city at Siem Reap of which we saw some of the ruins and temples when we visited.

Which brings to an end our first week in Thailand.