Tuesday 7 March 2017

A short post today.  I was taken out for lunch – but first we popped into Abergavenny to get the papers.

Today we are eating at lunchtime and the restaurant is between Abergavenny and our residence for the week in Penpergwm.  The chef at the Hardwick Inn is Stephen Terry.  As his cv shows he has moved around over the years including a period running the Walnut Tree before it went bad and came good again!  Jackie and I ate at the Canteen in Chelsea either during his time there or just shortly after as it was still pretty famous and that was a long time ago.  We never managed Coast which was famous about 20 years ago – one of those which got away.

Jackie recorded our lunch in photos and so she has provided this record of our excellent meal.


Jackie partook of crab and shrimp linguini followed by Moroccan chicken.  I had some wonderful pork tenderloin with lentils and fennel in a parsley sauce.  Jackie finished with ginger cheesecake with rhubarb and we shared the cheeses.

Jackie kindly drove us the relatively short distance back to our cottage and hardly surprisingly we went to sleep for most of the afternoon.

We found the film “The Railway Man” and watched the story of Eric Lomax.  Inevitably and for dramatic effect (it is a film not a documentary) some aspects of the eventual meeting of Lomax and his former jailer are not entirely true but it is powerful to have it played out.