Thursday 1 September 2016

We have now effectively commenced our return journey as we reach our final port of call in Norway – Stavanger.  Here the port is immediately adjacent to the city and we can walk off the ship and just meander along the dock side and into and around the town centre. Just a few photos here.

Once we have finished wandering around the shops we find a coffee shop with wifi so that we can catch up on communications as we will have no wifi tomorrow.

The ship did give us some free time each, but the whole of Jackie’s was swallowed by an Apple operating system upgrade for Jackie’s phone so I passed her my time as well so that she could stay up to date – well she is online with her social group far more than I am and her friends are expecting decent updates on her activities.

We do visit the Watchtower which has views over the city.  This was used until 1922 to spot fires in the city as it was above most of the surrounding area.

The main industry in Stavanger days is the offshore oil and gas industry in the North Sea which for the Norwegian fields is operated from the city, in the same way as Aberdeen does for the UK fields.

There has been something of a food festival along the dock and we look into a couple of the outlets on our way back to the ship.  Not much we can do with fresh shellfish or other fresh products this far from home.

On looking at the captured images I have none of the old town which was adjacent to the ship.  Mistake!