Dotto train Cagliari

Tuesday 17.10.23

On the original schedule for this holiday we were due to fly home today.  However the relevant flight has been changed (on Tuesdays) to depart much earlier in the day so it would be a very difficult flight to catch.  We therefore opted to have an additional night in Cagliari which in retrospect was not the best possible solution as tomorrow turns into a very long day.

We should have requested the original train service to the north today and then a hotel stay somewhere appropriate and that would have split the travelling in two making it easier.

However with this free day we walk down to the station to catch the Dotto train I spotted earlier and use this to take us up to the castello area and then to descend back to the starting point so that Jackie has an opportunity to see some of the sights which she did not see as she did not take part in the guided tour.  This one is more colourful than some of the others as can be seen above.

Once she is back at the hotel I decide to go in search of the trams which we saw briefly at San Gottardo when we arrived from the north and the online information implies that they currently run to Republicca which looks like it is walkable and hopefully not too uneven.  I head in the right direction noting that it is largely downhill – which is fine now but may not be later on!  There is a large construction project in progress to extend the metro system from that current terminus into the town centre adjacent to the main station – it has been ongoing some years and there have been various delays, not least covid and financial aspects.

Cagliari metro line

I reach my destination and there are lots of people around – and even some tracks around the back but no obvious station entrance and some very rusty looking rails.  I later discover that the metro is not running here and instead there is a replacement bus service – which I do not fancy – it is very hot again today and I walk back by a marginally different route to the hotel.  I am sure the exercise did me good!

Dinner in the marina area again – at what I later find is one of the longer standing restaurants.  Initially not particularly welcomed as we are the first and obviously very early diners but as the staff turn up and they get going it is far more friendly.