Wednesday 8 March 2017

We are going home today – but not immediately as we have one more restaurant booking.

We head down to the M4 and then bypass Cardiff coming into Barry from the west.  Barry Island historically was the home of the Woodham Brothers scrap yard, the location from which many of the preserved steam locomotives now in service around the country were rescued and this accounts for the relatively high number of former Great Western and Southern engines which were saved.  The small scrapping team cut wagons rather than locos and so many of the latter were there a long time.  I never visited in those days, but Dai Woodham is remembered with a street named after him.  The area generally has been redeveloped as there are new roads and buildings – we know about the former as the sat nav does not know where we are!

Much of the television series “Gavin and Stacey” was filmed in the area and the funfair (closed and undergoing winter refurbishment) is close to the front where we park and wander around.  The most amazing aspect of watching the world go by here is that nearly everyone seems to have a dog as there are huge numbers of them being walked on the beach in front of us.

In need of a cup of coffee (to warm us up) we enter one of the coffee shops and find (to our surprise) that it is packed.  They are all knitting or crocheting and we are told we have stumbled into the “Barry Hookers Crochet and Craft Club”!  And about half of them have dogs under the tables.  It honestly feels like we have actually walked into “Gavin and Stacey” (or perhaps “Stella”).  Apparently they are a club which meets regularly and they do have a Facebook page etc!  Who knew?  I believe there is also a full tour of “Gavin and Stacey” locations which can be done – but we do not have the time.

Returning to the car we meander along the coast to Penarth as our lunch is booked at James Sommerin which is one of the Good Food Guide Top 50 restaurants.  As ever photos come from the phone of Jackie Whitbread:

Goat’s cheese appetizer

Wood pigeon

Pea canneloni. With jambon. Was amazing! James’s signature dish that won him Great British Menu.

My lamb and broad beans.

Jackie’s sea bass which was scrummy (well it  all was)

Tastes of Tarte Tatin.

The cheeseboard from which to make a selection!

Once lunch has been completed we head out of town to the M4 and then bumble home.  We take the M4 itself eastbound and use the second Severn Crossing as we leave Wales.  As we are eastbound there are no tolls (you only pay to enter Wales) so we can just keep going.  Another holiday completed!

No distances this time – but for one holiday not enormous.  Bellies are very large after all those lovely meals.  James Sommerin and Walnut Tree Inn are both excellent.  And a couple of interesting train trips!