Tuesday 1 August 2017

Today is officially a free day and in view of the excellent weather (the heatwave continues) it seems entirely reasonable to us to go and make use of the Szechenyi Baths.  By walking back to the station where we arrived it is possible to catch a direct service to the Millennium Monument we visited yesterday and then walk through the park grounds to the baths.

Obtaining an entry ticket is not difficult – but working out where to go inside turns out to be a bit more complex.  We find the changing cabins and take all of our stuff with us.  We arrive just about in time to get two sun loungers (and move them into some shade) before entering the large pools outside.  They are quite busy – and the temperature of the pool is about 32 deg C – and the air temperature is not much higher.

Whilst I do not believe the pools are as effective as the spa at Rotarua in easing aches and pains they certainly provide some relief.  Inside the building there are a variety of pools at different temperatures and we both take an opportunity to relax in these before departing.

We start walking across the park and I am reminded we were told of a couple of local cafes when we were on the tour so decide that a light lunch here would be a good idea before we head back.  Jackie is feeling the heat and is looking forward to the air conditioning in the hotel and is very glad when we get back there!

I decide to return to the centre of town and to see if I can traverse the funicular which was closed yesterday – I also have to master an ATM for some cash – but after our practice earlier on the holiday this is not difficult.  I can report that the funicular is working and I take it up the hill; at the top I am in time for the local changing of the guard; then I return to the bottom.  It is very hot and I consume a huge beaker of orange juice.  Dehydrating!  I walk back across the Chain Bridge and return to our hotel on the metro.

Photographs of my solo excursion are here.

In the evening we are back on the group tour.  Our fellow travellers have apparently also enjoyed the various Baths which exist in the City.  We are taken to the Danube for a river cruise and dinner.

From the river we are able to see some beautiful sights.  With the river cruise completed we rejoin our coach noting that the next party are ready to embark – they keep these cruisers busy.  The coach takes us to the top of Gellert Hill which enables us to enjoy some views of a lit up Budapest at night.

Photographs of this evening’s expedition are here.

Some of us remain in the reception for a drink and a chat once we are back at the hotel.