This is a little different from the other reviews so far as it does not appear in the Good Food Guide but it is a little gem.  To help you find it click this link

It is very close to the Almeida Theate and not far from the Screen on the Green, being situated on Upper Street, Islington.  In our case it was also not far from the Union Chapel which we were visiting later in the evening.  There is a lot of competition close by, although the famous “Granita” restaurant where Blair and Brown allegedly discussed their infamous pact is long gone.

Maybe not as showy as some other restaurants and the tables are closer together (which meant on an earlier visit entertainment was provided by eavesdropping the neighbouring table) but cost wise it is in a different league as well!  And yet we enjoy the food, the buzz and in general the service is excellent – so roll on.

We turned up in the middle of Sunday afternoon as planned (and booked).  So we were presented with an excess of menus – the menu of the day, the lunch menu plus the main menu.  Far too much choice to be had.  And whilst we have never had one they also have an exceptionally long list of crepes.  The online menus do not do justice to the choice available – the actual menus are far longer and have far more selections.

Good bread and the opportunity for two carafes of wine – one white to share and one red for my good lady wife.  I was on driving duties and was therefore limited.  If we did not live so far away then it is walking distance from either Highbury and Islington or Angel tubes and for most people no doubt that is the solution.  Lot of buses up and down Upper Street as well.  And not that far from Highbury – not my team.  Indeed my wife was so taken by the facilities that on our return home she did a survey of the housing availability; the prices were longer than the agent telephone numbers!

I opened with some fine tempura prawns; light batter and tasty; this was followed by a decent slab of steamed salmon on a lot (a lot) of spinach (sadly it will not turn me into Popeye) plus new potatoes with a sauce of white wine, cream and dill.  And it was arriving on our table pretty rapidly too.  Sadly the neighbours were not talking so loudly this time around so it was not so easy to listen in!

On the other side of the table my wife was consuming a starter from the day menu consisting of a large vol au vent containing crab, prawns and mushrooms which then followed with the confit of duck, also on a bed of a lot of spinach.  Although I did not fall for a pud my wife had spotted a profiterole being delivered elsewhere which she ordered and was much taken as before with the entire quality of her meal.

The white wine was a Sauvignon Blanc from Pays d’Oc whilst the red was a Cabernet Sauvignon(Les Templiers) Cotes de Thongue.  I cannot speak to the latter [my wife seemed to consume it with relish] but the former was decent and they were £12.95 and £13.95 respectively for the carafes.

A total of bill of around £85 including service (and good service from a number of girls and boys who were running up and downstairs from the kitchen.

Great value for money in what is clearly a busy establishment.  Recommended and certain we will be back at some point.  And I nearly forgot!  This restaurant has adopted the European practice of liking its customers enough to give them a glass of something nice to go with the bill which does not appear on the bill.  So a glass of fizzy white wine for each of us as the bill is settled.  Pity I am driving.

Entertainment later in the Union Chapel was also excellent – Fairport Convention concluding another Wintour; and we cannot make Cropredy this year!

The residents of Islington should regard themselves as extremely lucky to have a restaurant like this on their doorstep.  We want one too!