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Falmouth / Hyannis / Hyannis Port

Wednesday 5 October 2016

We have a little trouble finding the breakfast room this morning – it is downstairs and does not seem open when we get there – we are up quite early as we have not quite adjusted to the time differences.  An adequate if not an outstanding repast this morning.  Here is the clock in the breakfast room – although I have no idea which Southampton is the source of the clock!

Clock in Falmouth Shoreways Inn

Great Rail are very keen on inserting free days to ensure that their clientele do not overdo it – although their customers do tend to be the older age group which these days includes me but not Jackie!  So our first day in the USA is a free day which helps adjust to the time difference.

Our first task this morning is to walk along the main street to find the post office and despatch a couple of post cards.  Also they helpfully tell us where to find the bus stop – which might seem an odd form of transport on a rail based holiday.  The tour guide recommendation is to take the bus to Hyannis which is about 20 miles east of here.  Whilst reckoned to be about an hour the journey is closer to 75 or more minutes.

When I was growing up in the Sixties there would often be mentions in news reports of the “Hyannis Port Compound” which was the summer residence of the Kennedys away from Washington and where they could enjoy some privacy.  This was someway out of Hyannis itself along on the coast.

These days on Main Street of Hyannis there is the John F Kennedy Hyannis Museum which we wander around – I think they are somewhat limited in the material to which they have access as I spot the same photo being used several times – which perhaps confirms the privacy which applied.  An interesting reminder of that period of history.

In need of sustenance we head to “Spanky’s Clam Shack and Seaside Salon” for lunch.  It is right by the water and we are able to watch boats coming and going.  Once again stunned by portion sizes, hopefully we will adjust our ordering to match before too much longer.  Photos of Hyannis are here.

We catch the bus back.  At one location outside (I think) a supermarket we circumnavigate a huge selection of pumpkins as we are not far from Halloween.  When we get back to Falmouth there are some wild turkeys walking on the green.

Wild turkeys Falmouth

All the photos of Falmouth are here.

This gives me a chance to use the indoor pool and to spend some time by the side of the pool reading and listening.

In an effort to get something more suitable in size terms we eat in the local pizzeria this evening and do not overload ourselves, having had a decent lunch as well!


New England in the Fall

Tuesday 4 October 2016

We are on our third Great Rail Journeys holiday (India [Palace on Wheels] and Canada [Rocky Mountaineer] were the previous trips); this time we are going to visit New England in the Fall.  We are on what I think is an “extra” trip as it is not a normal departure day for GRJ and unusually is a BA flight, so adding air miles for our future holidays!

Our flight destination from Heathrow is Boston but we return to visit the City at the end of our holiday and we are soon on a coach down to the coast staying at ShoreWay Acres Inn, Falmouth.  The coach journey along the US highways is smooth but most of the foliage we can see remains green and although there is some evidence of colour changing it is not significant.  Are we going to be denied the autumn colours which are the entire point of the trip?

Falmouth is south south east from Boston and being an early settler location we pass signs for Braintree, Weymouth, Plymouth and Barnstaple (among others) as we head to our destination which is still on the mainland.  We are however not far from the island of Martha’s Vineyard which we shall visit in a couple of days and we are right on the coast.

The hotel is perhaps a little old fashioned but reminds me very much of the TVs view of the world in the nature of ‘Murder She Wrote’.  We wander out to the small Main Street which has an interesting variety of shops, including a bookshop.  We had previously identified a restaurant (the Quarterdeck) which is packed with customers.  We order a starter and main course each, forgetting we are in America.  The starter is large and the main course larger still; not surprisingly many customers seem to order only a main course.  Jackie hears another customer order a martini and regrets not being able to follow her example!  Jackie then orders a white Zinfandel.  This of course turns out to be slightly pink and we all know how much Jackie enjoys a rosé!  We stagger back to the hotel feeling somewhat bloated to say the least.