Tuesday 19 July 2016

This morning we have a very short drive to Bolton Abbey and the current and probably long term western terminus of the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway.  On my last visit a very long time ago they were the Yorkshire Dales Railway and it was a very short journey from Embsay towards Holywell Halt – but did not I think even reach that far – so you went and came back!

At Bolton Abbey the development of the railway continues with a new platform being constructed.  This will probably always be a terminus as extension onwards into Ilkley is unlikely as the route has been lost.  In the other direction from Embsay an extension may be more likely – possibly into Skipton, although that is probably a long way away.

A gentle trundle there and back with photos to be found here.

Huge development at the Embsay end of the line with sheds and a lot more rolling stock.  I think just about everything was in the open last time around.

For lunch we head to the Devonshire Arms at Bolton Abbey – we go in the front of the building but the Brasserie is right through at the back – you almost need to lead an expedition to get from one end to the other.  Excellent meal.  The ultimate owners is the Duke of Devonshire who also own Chatsworth House.

It is probably the hottest day of the year – but our afternoon is spent walking to Bolton Abbey.  There are some nice stepping stones across the river – so that has to be done.  So a couple of photographs from Jackie Whitbread.

And this is Bolton Abbey:

Hottest day of the year and I suspect many people were glad to hop into the river instead of trying to pass one another on the stones.  I returned via the bridge as more and more people meeting mid stones were taking a visit into the river to pass each other.