Heathrow T5 Pod Parking

Heathrow T5 Pod Parking

Thursday 7.3.24

Today, for my sins, is my seventieth birthday and in celebration we are on a plane for the island of Iceland and a short visit based in Reykjavik with the intention of experiencing as much of the sights as may be possible.

Over the last three to four months the island has been experiencing volcanic activity – mainly on the Rekyanes Peninsula which is the south western corner of the island and unlike earlier activity this is less lava spewing from huge volcanoes but the earth splitting open and lava flowing out and around the area – part destroying one town.  The eruption is also close to the famous Blue Lagoon and several days before we depart the operator (Newmarket) has taken the view that the Lagoon, although open, is the subject of various restrictions and a need for rapid evacuation should there be further eruptions so advise that we will instead be visiting the Sky Lagoon which is closer to the capital.

These recent eruptions are very different to those of a few years ago with no significant amounts of ash or changes to the atmospheric conditions so there are no flight restrictions being imposed at the current time.

The first excitement of the day is at Heathrow.  Jackie has booked the Pod Parking at Terminal 5 so we park up and then a little pod takes us from the parking area into the terminal – all with no fuss and all entirely automated.  A long standing wish to experience this facility has been achieved!

Once in Iceland we are driving across what looks like fairly barren lava fields for nearly an hour before reaching the capital itself.  We later gather than the lava is being covered by moss and that is starting the long process of breaking the rocks down to eventually form soil – but the lave flows are simply new Iceland as it steadily grows in size – it is a very young land mass.

I do not know if it is standard in Iceland but the hotel room in small – about the smallest ever for a twin room.  I think Premier Inn are larger.  We do walk down towards the town and along one of the two main streets as we want to know where we are going for dinner.

My birthday dinner is at Dill – a Michelin starred restaurant in the centre of the town.  We are unlikely to return, given the location but they gave an excellent account of local foods and all were excellently prepared and served.