Wednesday 20 July 2016

A long drive planned for today, we head to Bolton Abbey and then onto Kettlewell where we turn off across country via the Cam Gill Road and then through some countryside I have not traversed before.  We do not meet many other cars going either way!  We emerge from the countryside at Leyburn and pick up the road to Richmond.

Our prime destination is the Castle and the photos can be found here.

We wander around the attractive town of Richmond which was well worth the drive here and then we seek a lunch.  Jackie gives me a pub name which is apparently closed.  Eventually I manage to establish that the name belongs to our planned destination tomorrow!  Very confused.

We find a nice looking little café / bistro and whilst the food was entirely reasonable more entertaining was the gossip of the staff and questions which floated around as the nature of an evening table booking was established – new boyfriend maybe?  Discussion on the telephone of some catering booking for an event with speculation on those attending (or not invited).  And the post person was asked if she was bringing her boyfriend!  It was like turning up at the Rovers Return on Coronation Street and getting a rundown on the history of all the locals!

Our return journey included a stop at Hawes for the Wensleydale creamery and shop.  Hawes seems much larger and certainly more visitor friendly than on my last trip here.

Then to Garsdale and a trip along the Coal Road, again something I have not covered for over 20 years.  It is a little short of the highest roads in England – but when up here I always feel as if I am on the top of the country.  The coal pits which gave it its name are about half way along.  We drop down to Dent station and then past Ribblehead Viaduct.  It seems you now have to park here on the main road and walk to the viaduct for photos – and it is some walk!

Onward the road feels a little unusual.  Some parts of it are very familiar and then other parts feel rerouted and completely strange.  Certainly widened – and subsequent checks on maps show no real evidence of rerouting – but some turns just “feel” wrong.  It turns into a longer drive than expected and Jackie is a little bored by the time we reach Addingham.

At the Crown Inn Wednesday night is Jazz night and so after a meal elsewhere in the town (at the local Craven Heifer – but the pub has since closed) we wander down there for some music before wending our way home to bed.  A longish day.