Heathrow – Toronto 6 May 2015

This was always planned as a primary post retirement holiday and it is exactly 1 year since work and I separated. We have been elsewhere in the interim but this was a big one and it will be our most expensive holiday to date (according to my wife who knows about such things) plus being one of our longer breaks.

We head for Heathrow and Terminal 5 for a Ramsay breakfast and then our first “train” – the underground shuttle service to B gates and sadly the 787 has gone technical and it is a 777 to Toronto.  Some delays but up, up and away.

Due to a lack of communication somewhere I get an upgrade to a business class salmon salad for lunch – very nice.  Then settle back to watch series 3 of Borgen as we head west.

Even when we land the sky remains blue as we find that it can be warm and sunny in May in Toronto.  Indeed the weather we later find is a surprise for the locals – although they seem keen to enjoy it!  A coach takes us to our hotel and we unpack enough for a couple of nights.  We are tired and return to the ground floor and find an exit marked “Elm” – Elm Street running along one side of the hotel and we are looking for the Elm Street restaurant.  Which turns out to be immediately across the road!  A warm welcome from the girl on the door and we can sit out at the front to watch the world go by.  Local cider for my wife and some beer for me.  Having had about four meals already today we both simply choose a duck confit on mushroom risotto main course.

The place seems very popular by the numbers inside and the coming and going and when the food arrives we can see why.  A better duck than my last one and a very good risotto underneath.  The cider and beer both go down well.

Time for bed.